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eSafetyLine software is an online software application designed to assist members in easily developing and maintaining an effective and compliant safety program.

eSafetyLine software provides the programs, polices, and procedures that should be contained in your written safety program.

The software also includes on-the-job training materials and a comprehensive recordkeeping and reporting system.

To assist members in understanding the regulations and in using the software, free online seminars are provided on an ongoing basis. 

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eSafetyLine Webinars

OSHA Recordkeeping Webinar
Click this link to access a PDF from the online webinar conducted January, 2011.

OSHA Ergonomics Webinar
Click this link to access a PDF from the online Webinar conducted October 28, 2010 on ergonomics.

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OSHA Resources

Free Posters and Publications
This online application provides an easy way to obtain free OSHA publications or posters.

OSHA Small Business Website
The OSHA Small Business Assistance Website provides users with a new look and an updated eTool.

Simple Ergonomic Solutions
This document provides simple ergonomic solutions for construction workers.

OSHA Inspection Data
New search technology to provide faster and more accurate access to OSHA Inspection data.

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